Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Zainab Ansell?

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Can i sponsor a child?

Yes you can

  • We send you a list of each student and their profile  and you choose which child/children you want to sponsor
  • The school budget for a child (school fees, boarding  fee, uniform  and all required necessities for a child) is 850$ per year
  • The selection of child/children to be sponsored can be done in two ways
    • A sponsor/sponsors can choose from the list of children and their profile sent
    • Zara Charity can help choose on behalf of the sponsor/sponsors.
  • Child/children to be sponsored is based on the following category
    • Child with one parent
    • Child with no parent (orphan)
    • Child with hardship in life
  • Up to date, 7 out of 95 children have been sponsored.

What can i do to help the porters in the Mount Kilimanjaro porters society?

  • You can donate through Zara Charity or  directly to the Mount Kilimanjaro porters society
  • You can help them with mountain gears so as to easy their hard work