Maasai women make a change

This movement was initiated with the aim of supporting maasai women and liberate them from their traditional beliefs which is based on oppression, exploitation and subjugation of women within their society.

Zara Charity has operated different projects, including entrepreneurship skills and financial management to help those women. Through implementation we have discovered that there is a remaining group of girls aged from 15 to 30 whereby most of them after completing the primary or secondary education, fail to proceed and due to that they find themselves useless in the community labor force. This risk leads us to the idea of presenting a project in which we will construct a vocational training in helping those women. In creating a centre which will offer a safe environment, vocational training in tourism, hotel management, arts and crafts and community development, we believe that we will give them hope and sustainable employment opportunities. Our expectation is to start by recruiting 50 students in each course and make a total number of 200 students. We hope that by reducing 200 unemployed girls each year after a few years to come we will have a Masai community which is skilled and employed for livelihood sustainability and hence increase per capital income and reduce poverty and dependence ratio. “Many of the girls we met during our visits to their locality were looking for a way out, but have no other choice.

ZARA Charity is also supporting the Karatu Masai women group in designing several dresses that have strong influences of the Massai colors and jewelry, but they have been adjusted to a modern feminine style. The collection is interesting and possible to wear for females of all ethnicities. The dresses are being sold at High view Hotel Karatu and Spring Land Hotel Moshi . Of course, the benefits from the sale of these dresses will solely be used for the set - up of the educational training centre for Masai women. These organizations will provide training services on specific trades and will support marketing and commercialization of products manufactured and produced by trainees.